Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Procedures Are Involved In a Mommy Makeover?

Ladies take on quite a lot - especially when having a baby. It's not that simple and easy to have all these changes occur to our body from being pregnant to childbirth.

What are the results when we are finished having kids?

Many of us end up with a body which they barely recognize. Luckily, there are operations meant to deal with this concern completely called a mommy makeover. If you're looking for a summed up version, read below. If you want a detailed explanation click here.

What's Involved?
Tummy Tuck
When with child, your stomach will stretch to accommodate the infant. The belly gets smaller sized once again right after childbirth but a little extra skin and stretchmarks remain. The tummy tuck is intended to cut down this extra skin and in many cases could also reduce some or all of the stretchmarks depending on their location on the body.
Even if we refer to those excess layers of fat as "baby fat," they still do not look good on one's body. With liposuction, those fatty acids are suctioned from the tummy or buttocks area utilizing a straw-like machine.
Breast Lift or Breast Reduction
After an infant is delivered the breasts are used to nourish the baby. When the child is done with the breastfeeding and the mommy is done having additional children she's normally left with sagging or deflated breasts. To lift the breasts you will want a breast lift. To add fullness or even make them bigger you will want a surgery termed a breast augmentation.

Those are the summed up basic 4 procedures that make up a mommy makeover. Sometimes you will need more of one and less of others. 

There are variations depending on your specific needs.

When is The Right Time For A Mommy Makeover? 

The right time to have this makeover is any time the mom is all finished having babies. There's actually no point in undertaking a makeover prior to when a mom is done having kids as she is going to be subjecting her body to more stretching out. This would be a waste of her time and funds.

How Much Is The Procedure?

The cost will vary according to what is done. If simply a couple of things are being performed it is going to be a lot less costly than if everything is being executed. Keep in mind that plastic surgery isn't ordinarily covered by insurance. One case in which the breast surgical procedure could be covered by insurance is if it's advised by the physician to relieve back pain caused by overly large breasts.

Also it varies on your location. If you live in Dallas TX or if you live in San Diego CA - you're most likely going to pay more than if you live in Omaha.

What About Visible Scars?

A scar is the normal consequence of any surgical cut. The scar of a tummy tuck is made low in the bikini line such as for a Cesarean section or hysterectomy treatment. Thus, you don't need to worry about the scar when donning a swimwear. The breast scar is done in one of a few places and will not show in a bathing suit. Doctors could give recommendation to women on ways to lessen scarring.

How Much Time Will I Remain in Recovery?

A lot of women recover from a mommy makeover within 1 - 4 weeks depending upon the surgery being done. During this time frame, it is recommended to have a friend or relative in your house with you.

However, if you pick the right surgeon almost all women report that any pain or downtime was well worth going through to get the results they now have.